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About Niqel


Jatropha plantation in Grudja, Mozambique

In 2006 the Jatropha plantation company Nigel Lda was established in Grudja, Mozambique. Niqel is managing the development of 10.000 hectares of Jatropha curcas trees, a robust, drought tolerant tropical oilseed bearing tree. This young sustainable bio-oil crop can replace mineral oil as a source of fuel as well as provide a local source of feed protein and organic fertiliser. We have a strong focus on sustainability. Plantations are a long-term activity, so preserving the natural resources that we manage, and ensuring harmonious social relations in and around our operations is not only our responsibility, it is also our best interest as a company.

“Jatropha bio-oil saves >70% of the GHG-emissions compared to fossil diesel” VIEW MORE

Niqel is engaged in cultivation of Jatropha trees and processing of Jatropha oil with operations in the full spectrum of the Jatropha oil value chain; from the upstream activities of seed breeding and planting to crop oil extraction to the downstream biodiesel production. We are committed to sustainability and aim for a high level of social responsibility and environmental awareness together with a leading role in the research and development of high yielding Jatropha products.